Trim Down Club - Staying Focused Within Your Journey

So many of us go about losing weight by focusing on cutting calories or cutting out food groups.

Trim Down Club is not about deprivation, but rather sound food choices. We also tend to focus on getting in more exercise. While this is a component in the weight loss journey, it’s about making the right exercise choices and really challenging yourself. Add to that the fact that if for any of these elements you aren’t fully invested; it’s not going to help you make the changes that you are after. If you are simply going through the motions but don’t truly believe in yourself, then success will not be yours.

More and more people are starting to recognize the power of the mindset and of positive thinking for weight loss. If you are constantly defeating yourself and saying that you can’t do it or that it’s too hard, then your results will align with your thinking. You must be determined, dedicated, motivated, and confident that you can do it—and that you will stay committed to the right plan for helping you to lose the weight and keep it off. That means that you must invest the same mental power in your weight loss journey as you do physical change. That’s how you achieve success!

You will find that one of the most important mental aspects of losing weight is motivation. Did you fall off track before because you couldn’t stay motivated? Were you lacking the initiative that you needed to make it past a plateau or major obstacle? Did you start strong but then fizzle off as the diet seemed to fall flat? If any of these sound familiar, then you know firsthand how important motivation can be in a weight loss journey. So let’s get started and get focused on why the mental aspects of losing weight are so important. Understanding and applying these lessons can ensure that this time is truly different and that it’s all about success!

Think About How to Make This Time Different

Many people struggle with losing weight or keeping it off. The reason is that in many respects, they are simply going through the motions. It’s not enough to just cut calories or increase your fitness quota. Though diet and exercise play a pivotal role in your ability to take the weight off, they can only take you so far. Focusing only on those two elements probably got you to a certain point in the past and then a plateau or obstacle appeared and wreaked havoc on your plans.

When thinking of starting another diet or trying to stick with what you’re on, it can be easy to get distracted. Hunger, boredom, temptation, and discouragement have probably been constant threats to your past efforts, and it might have been hard to stay on track or even get  started. Maybe you even succeeded a couple of times, only to find it didn’t last. But with the right tools and support – including from your own self – you can reach your ultimate goal: the forever kind of health!

Weight loss may be the temporary and achievable goal, but better health is the longer term goal that we should all be working towards. When you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight range, you are at less of a risk of developing certain health conditions. Not only that, but you look better, feel better, have more energy, and can take on life with more vigor and zest.

So if in the past you only worked towards quick weight loss, make this time count and ensure that the big picture is really focused on better health. If you can tune into the mental aspects of losing weight and ensure that your efforts are centered on the long-term, then you will make a very necessary change. That’s what can make this time different and make it last! Though you may not be so convinced, if you really think about it, this may have been the one aspect missing from your efforts in the past.

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Sick of all the trends? Focus in on the right elements!


Do you start by looking in the mirror at your problem areas? Do you stare at your belly fat or look at your less-than-desirable backside? If you do then you’re not alone, and it’s time to do something about it.

We at Trim Down Club understand firsthand that you need to lose weight and that you’re sick of all the trends that haven’t worked for you in the past. We see firsthand how frustrating the weight loss process can be if you aren’t focusing in on the right elements.

We do promote long-term results Trimdownclub program isn’t a fad diet, and therefore recognize that sometimes the weight comes off more slowly than you may have been led in the past to expect. However, the reason that the past diets haven’t worked for you is that they likely promoted fast weight loss with extreme measures.

The end result is that you lose weight quickly, feel good initially even through the hunger, and then feel the upset that the weight creeps back on as you re-adapt to everyday life and regular eating habits.

With the principles applied in trimdownclub program, it’s not just about cutting calories or trimming down your portions. You do want to be conscious of the way in which you eat, but you also want to be in tune with what you are eating as well.Counting calories is not an effective or long-term solution and that’s why it never works in the end.

Eating a well-balanced diet of natural, fresh, and nutrient-rich healthy foods – such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as turkey and seitan, whole grains such as quinoaand brown rice – will help you to achieve your goals. You will get so much more out of your weight loss journey if you focus on the right foods and eliminate the wrong foods. You will see firsthand how much more energized you feel, how much more effectively you are burning fat, and generally how much more successful your weight loss efforts will be.

Remember - Slow and steady wins the race

As a result of the natural, life-enhancing style of the Trim Down Club program, weight comes off slowly, especially you have a history of previous starvation diets and the body needs to get used to adequate food again.

We provide guidance to jump-start your efforts, and re-start your weight loss during a plateau. There is no deprivation, no starvation, no shock – just sustainable results.

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Trim Down Club - A Complete Lifestyle Change


Many diet programs boast about how much weight you can lose in a matter of weeks. The Trim Down Club, however, is more interested in the big picture.  People have achieved dramatic results using the Trim Down Club diet and nutrition program, though not exactly the kind of results you’d generally That’s because the Trim Down Club is not really a diet. It’s a complete lifestyle change that teaches people about good nutrition, and by following a healthy regimen, they lose weight gently and gradually.

Body’s Internal Blueprint

The whole idea behind the Trimdownclub is that the body has an internal blueprint it wants to follow to build its ideal weight.  Eating processed foods and the wrong combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, stops the body from following its own genetic plan, and all kinds of things start going wrong, The Trim Down Club’s team of registered dietitians put together a plan that puts carbs, proteins, and fats back in balance.  It also eliminates most processed foods from the menu. 

Combining this balanced diet with six meals a day, not just three, allows the body to take advantage of its natural ability to burn Always staying full by eating six healthy meals prevents the body from going into “starvation” mode.  This is important because once the body goes into the starvation mode, when food is reintroduced; the body rapidly builds fat to prepare for the next period of scarcity. This is exactly what happens after ending a “fad” diet that relies on deprivation.  It is true that weightloss results can be dramatic because the body burns its fat simply to survive, but once normal eating resumes the body builds fat even faster than before.  This usually results in rapid weight gain and what Ballooning up and down in weight is generally agreed upon by the health-care community as having serious negative effects on health. 

Trimdownclub - Not Another “Fad” Diet

The Trim Down Club is the opposite of a “fad” diet.  The first thing one learns is what combinations of foods are healthy and how to ease into eating them.  Nothing moves Time after time, in Trim Down Club reviews, people not only talk about the weight they’ve lost, but more importantly about how much better they feel.  Many see dramatic results in their drop in blood sugar and LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels.  Many report a renewed ability to resume a more active lifestyle they thought they’d left behind for good. 

The Trim Down Club members typically talk about losing five or six pounds a month, but even more important, in their reviews of the Trim Down Club program nearly all talk about how much better they feel, how much better their clothes fit, and how much more they’re able to do. The Trim Down Club also eliminates the guesswork in putting together a healthy and nutritious diet.  Its exclusive “Menu Planner” literally does all the work.  Members simply enter all their favorite foods into the planner just once, and the Menu Planner produces a healthy, fat-burning weekly menu in a matter of seconds.  And it does this week in week out with the click of one button.  That’s why members talk about how The Trim Down Club has literally turned their lives around.